Cooling effect:
THERMO NATUR insulation materials care for an agreeable indoor climate. They enable comfortable living through warm wall surfaces in the winter and keep the heat outside in the summer. Through active capillary action, THERMO NATUR natural insulation material help to dry out the construction after unforeseen humidity in the building.
And – they do not release any harmful substances.

Sound absorption:
THERMO NATUR insulation materials reach the best sound absorption class A, α w = 1,0 already with 80mm thickness.

Thermal insulation:
THERMO NATUR insulation materials have an ideal proportion of excellent thermal insulation performance and extraordinary heat storage capacity. Even in case of unforeseen humidity of up to 17 mass%, the thermal insulation capacity remains unaffected.

Fire protection:
THERMO NATUR insulation materials reach the fire protection class Euro class E. This is reached by adding the natural fire protection agent soda (Na2CO3). Soda is used e.g. as baking powder and also allowed as additive (E500) in organic food.

Capillary action:
THERMO NATUR insulation materials and AGATON LEHM clay products are capillary active:
Water that is in the construction undesirably will actively be transported toward the dry side of the construction. Thus the construction can dry out more quickly. Best protection against mould – mark: „0” !

Our insulation materials. Healthy and naturally energy saving.

Our genius insulation ideas go back to the forces of the nature. When you use the natural fibre insulation materials of THERMO NATUR, you will create yourself and your family an all-round healthy indoor climate. And the nature is strong – you will receive a high-performance insulation material that responds to the highest requirements. Disagreeable or even harmful side effects of conventional insulation materials are a thing of the past.
You will have no problems or high costs disposing of our products as they can be recycled.